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This system ensures that all music plays correctly and can be tested before the event.

All music needs to be uploaded by April 10, 2020. To upload via internet:

Create an account at

Select a Personal Account – Free for 10gb of secured storage. Create a folder with your Club Name/COUNTRY and Event i.e.ABQ_USA_CVIPC2015 Share the Folder with: [email protected]

  • Please have ONE person at your club in charge of uploading your music.
  • Prior to uploading, please be sure to RENAME your music file’s attributes as described below: if you load files named Track1, Track2 the music manager will have to rename them for you and will incur a fee of $5 per file.
  • Please change these music file attributes for each music file:
  • File name and Title should be the same.
  • Artist should be your club and or country name.
  • Album should be CVIPCC2016
  • ONLY MP3 File Formats are allowed
  • This is the naming convention needed for the file name and title:
  • Use underscores when naming so there are no spaces in the filename
  • For team classes, use the team name in place of the vaulter name. Examples:
  • Please add a TXT note File (i.e.ContactInfo.txt) with your name, email, mobile phone. If you do not have access to a fast internet connection you may mail (postmarked by Friday [April15]) your cd’s or thumbdrives to: Carolyn Conner, Music Manager PCCVI 2016, 95 San Miguel Way, Novato, CA 94945.
  • Questions about music preparation can be sent to Carolyn Conner at [email protected] It is advised to bring a Flash Drive back up with all of your files. No CD’s will be accepted.• If no music is provided, none will be played. Thumb drives, if you wish to retrieve them, may only be picked up during the half hour after close of daily competition. Staff is not responsible for music left behind after competition. DO NOT bring or pick up drives during competition times. 

Please follow instructions - if you have questions please contact Carolyn Conner email:[email protected]